Attitude Resilience / Passion for Performance Improvement

Masters Class 3

This class will focus on HOW to create a positive attitude and restore / maintain a passion for performance improvement through strategies that increase optimism, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), reprogram our Inner Critic, and so many others. We will build on the strategies of Energy Leadership™, 8 PRACTICEs, AIM SMART or I AM SMART Goal Setting, and accountability.

During and at the conclusion of each class, participants should plan to have their own action plans for moving forward. Attendance (CME credit) and attentiveness in the class in documented by submitting “Masters Codes” provided during the class. The optional additional hour of CME credit is earned by documenting the completion of an additional assignment to the instructor.

Course Curriculum

Class 3: Attitude Resilience / Passion for Performance Improvement
Jeffrey Smith, MD
Jeffrey Smith, MD
Orthopaedic Traumatologist, Surgeon Consultant

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