Reciprocity of Roles and Relationships

Masters Class 5

  • How many roles do you play in your career?
  • What is your role in your group or practice?
  • What teaching roles do you have?
  • On what committees or boards do you serve?
  • How many relationships need your time? Parent? Children? Grand____? Spouse? Sibling? Friends? Colleagues?
  • How can you GIVE to all of these roles and relationships if surgical training requires long hours and so many years of your life?
  • How can you possibly RECEIVE from these commitments and relationships when there is little focus on what you do receive?

This one-hour class from the 2016 Educational Webinar Series takes into account the time demands on Surgeons.

Let us expand upon what we learned in Masters Class #4 regarding Time / Life Management Using Rhythm. Let us aim for quality over quantity. Quality requires a positive attitude, focus, connection, and effort. This class will allow you to create a rhythm to improve each of your relationships and roles as a surgeon. We will build on the strategies of Energy Leadership™, 8 PRACTICEs, AIM SMART or I AM SMART Goal Setting, and personal accountability.

Jeffrey Smith, MD
Jeffrey Smith, MD
Orthopaedic Traumatologist, Surgeon Consultant

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