Complex Problem Solving Through Simplicity

Masters Class 8

Complex problem solving is exactly that! It IS complex.

Being highly intelligent, Surgeons often get too involved in the complexity. Our minds and emotions struggle with it, the ups and downs, the successes and failures.

  • Some ignore or hide from problems hoping they will go away.
  • Some fight to win in a challenge or conflict, muscling their way to victory.
  • Some face the problem, rationalize it, and find a mechanism to cope.
  • Some create a winning solution for the others involved.
  • Some dig into problems and find the opportunity that is always there for all involved.
  • Some have the understanding that problems don’t exist; rather there are only opportunities to observe and experience.
  • Few see the experiences of life as all part of a game that can be neither won nor lost, only played.

Einstein was reported to have said, “Problems can not be solved by the level of thinking that created them.” Solutions are found in positive thinking. Knowing where you are enables you to shift your energy in the anabolic direction towards solutions.

The thought of change generates diverse responses in people. Some people absolutely love change and thrive on all that it brings into their life and surgical practice. Others seek only to cope with and survive change. And others do everything possible to avoid change. We will discuss the various approaches to manage change.

How can we approach the complexity through simplicity? Remember, simplicity does not equal easy.

What if we could learn and leverage our strengths, as well as lessen our weaknesses, to solve complex problems? This class will help you decide which strategies may work best for you to decrease your stress and frustration, increase your control, and build your momentum to changes to your complex problems. We will review the strategies of Energy Leadership™, 8 PRACTICEs, AIM SMART or I AM SMART Goal Setting, and personal accountability.

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Jeffrey Smith, MD
Jeffrey Smith, MD
Orthopaedic Traumatologist, Surgeon Consultant

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