"> Have YOU Seen the Doctor? Planning Self Health

Have YOU Seen the Doctor? Planning Self Health

SurgeonMasters Web-Conference

Web-Conference Description:

On this web-conference, we discussed healthy practices to improve and/or maintain our own health. While there are a few notable exceptions, most of us do a poor job of managing our own healthcare. Are we visiting the doctor for appropriate medical care & health maintenance needs? Are we paying attention to what we eat?

Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley and Dr. David Schechter shared valuable insight and strategies for planning our self-health. SurgeonMasters Founder Dr. Jeff Smith shared where he is succeeding and where he is struggling to manage HIS healthy habits.

For more, tune-in to the web-conference and then reach out to Team@surgeonmasters.com


Jeffrey M. Smith, MD, FACS

  • Orthopaedic Traumatologist
  • SurgeonMasters Founder

David Schechter, MD

  • Physician focusing on mind-body approaches to pain and other disorders at Cedars Sinai
  • Author of Think Away Your Pain 
  • Family medicine physician who advocates for great health for physicians

Michelle Mudge-Riley, DO, MHA, RDN, CLT 

  • President and Founder, DocRD
  • CEO and Founder, Physicians Helping Physicians
  • Preventative Medicine Physician and Dietician who helps physicians with wellness and career transitions

Target Audience:

Surgeons, Fellows, Medical Residents, and Medical Students